Oropel Italia S.r.l.

The Company

Over 30 years of experience and dedication in the leather industry, clothing and footwear inspired us to set up this new company. Our background is structured and built on a deep knowledge of the materials used and the different processes that can be implemented.

Quality, reliability, care for details and passion for our work!

These are the key qualities we believe are essential to work with nowadays.

We wish to have an open approach with our customers, since they tend to be more a partner rather than a user of our products. We study optimal solutions, price and minimums to facilitate an increasingly competitive market. Everything MADE IN ITALY!

Our Catalogue

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Our departments are at your disposal to provide you feedback and create quotations for customised products based on your wishes.

  • Customization
  • Highest quality
  • Made in Italy only
  • Craftsmanship

Concept, research and design

A landscape, a palace, a set of colors seen in a market, an elderly woman weaving by hand in a courtyard, a customer's whimsical idea, objects laid randomly on a table, can all become cues for new products or designs. By combining curiosity, necessity, and virtue, ideas are born and turned into reality, which tomorrow we will see walking down a catwalk and then enter our daily lives.

Our Fashion department takes care of the design of every single product in the catalogue.
We create customised products and changes of catalogue models based on our customers' ideas.

Very high quality of raw materials

In addition to the materials that have been in use for years, tested for all kinds of specific needs, every major trade show event is a source of inspiration or confirmation for the selection of new products to be included in the collection. For obvious external production reasons, our customers' own materials are also used, after verification of 'suitability for use. Our calfskin leather are always available from stock in a wide range of colors, while sheepskins, on crossbands and garment shearlings, are tanned and colored as the end user requires.

How does Oropel Italia work?

Our company is equipped to carry out all stages of processing. Speaking of leather, from cutting, splitting, fleshing, splicing, folding, stitching, braiding and loom weaving. These are handcrafted and complex steps, carried out in-house by those who for years have learned this ancient craft, which today is only partly facilitated by technology. Manual skill and experience are indispensable points for this work. Starting with the sample studied with the customer, looking for the most practical and economical solution, and then moving on to production, make Oropel Italia a firm and decisive point on which to rely.